Everything has its price

Modern day currency means nothing in the post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland. With no set system to go by, people have resorted to the barter system. When a character wishes to acquire an item that an NPC has, he must make a Barter check against a DC set by the attitude of the NPC, the modifier of the item the character wants, and the regional modifiers.

Example: Jonas has been having trouble fending off bandits. While passing through Deadwood, he meets a local trader who has a Junk Rifle for trade. The trader is neutral towards Jonas (DC 15) and the Junk Rifle is a valuable item (+ 10 modifier), so the Barter check DC is 25. So, in order for Jonas to acquire the rifle, he has to offer up something in trade and beat the DC of 25. Well, Jonas has a First Aid Kit (+ 5 modifier) and two cans of food (+ 2 modifier each). This gives him a total modifier to his Barter check of + 9. Luckily for him, food has been scarce in this region so the value of his cans of food goes up (+ 2 to each) bringing his modifier up to a + 13. He adds in his Charisma bonus (+ 2) and his final modifier is a + 15. Now, all he has to do is roll a 10 or better on a d20 roll and the rifle is his.

If a character fails their Barter check, then they don’t acquire the item and they have to renegotiate. If a character fails their Barter check by 5 or more, the NPC is insulted and moves one step closer to Hostile on the standing track. If a character rolls a natural 1 on their Barter check, the NPC is gravely insulted. He moves one step closer to Hostile on the standing track and refuses to deal with the character for 24 hours. The standing track and its associated modifiers and effects is broken down below…


  • Trusted: The NPC trusts the character like he would his own family. The base DC for trading with a trusted NPC is DC 10. In addition, if the character fails his Barter check by 5 or more, he can choose to re-roll, but he must take the second result even if it’s lower.
  • Friendly: The NPC is cordial with the character. The base DC for trading with a friendly NPC is DC 10.
  • Neutral: The NPC has no opinion of the character whatsoever. The base DC for trading with a neutral NPC is DC 15.
  • Unfriendly: The NPC dislikes the character for some reason and won’t trade with him unless the deal is a good one. The base DC for trading with an unfriendly NPC is DC 20.
  • Hostile: The NPC despises the character and will not trade with him.

A character can improve his standing with an NPC while interacting. Every NPC has an Attitude Improvement DC. If a character makes a Barter or Diplomacy check that equals or exceeds that DC, then the NPC moves one step higher on the NPC Standing Track.

When the world moved on, many places found themselves with an abundance of one particular resource, but lacking in others. Communities that sprung up near hospitals, for example, found themselves with first aid kits to spare, while people who found shelter on military bases found themselves the impromptu guardians of weapon caches. Depending on what a character has to trade and where they are, the value of items fluctuates. Below is a chart containing the regional modifiers that can be applied to items at the GM’s discretion along with the chances that a random NPC may have it on hand…


  • Plentiful: The value of this item has gone down due to an overwhelming supply. The item’s modifier is reduced by 50% (minimum value of 1). Virtually all but the worst of supplied traders will have this item on hand.
  • Common: The item is easy to come by just about anywhere. The item’s modifier is unchanged. Traders have a 90% chance of carrying this item.
  • Uncommon: Items like this one are becoming a bit harder to find. The item’s modifier is increased by 1. Traders have a 70% chance of carrying this item.
  • Scarce: Supplies of this item have dwindled significantly. The item’s modifier is increased by 2. Traders have a 50% chance of carrying this item.
  • Rare: Items like these are extremely valuable due to the almost complete lack of supply. The item’s modifier is increased by 5. Traders have a 30% chance of carrying this item.
  • Very Rare: Some people go their entire lives without seeing an item of this rarity. The item’s modifier is increased by 10. Traders have a 10% chance of carrying this item.

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