An overview of Wasteland

Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic pen and paper role-playing game designed around a d20 system. Characters are created using a point buy system, with 22 points to spend across all starting attributes. Gameplay in Wasteland focuses around survival. Characters will travel the wasteland, scavenging for supplies and interacting with a variety of individuals. Characters will begin their journey with the most basic of equipment and, over time, acquire new items and weapons that have either miraculously survived the apocalypse, or been repurposed from scavenged materials. In the world of Wasteland, old world relics lie dormant, waiting for brave explorers to plumb their depths. Whether they’re looming skyscrapers in deathly quiet cities, freighters drifting in long abandoned shipyards, or thoughtfully prepared military bunkers, the remnants of the old world hold secrets that could save humanity…or destroy what remains of it.




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